Principles of Fair Software Licensing

In this short video we explain why unfair licences make it difficult to choose the best path to the cloud.



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Harms of Unfair Software Licensing

Why is Fair Software Licensing important? This infographic explains it all.

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"#FairSoftware Principle 10: Permitting Fair Software Transfers. Where customers have the right to resell and transfer software licences, software vendors should support and ensure fair terms for customers who have lawfully acquired a resold licence."

"#FairSoftware Principle 8: Permitted Uses of #Software Should Be Reliable and Predictable. #Software vendors should not make material changes to licence terms that restrict customers from previously permitted uses.
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"#FairSoftware Principle 7: Equal Treatment for #Software Licensing Fees in the #Cloud. #Software vendors shouldn't charge different prices for the same #software based on who owns the hardware on which it's installed.
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"#FairSoftware Principle 6: #Software vendors providing directory software need to ensure those directories support open standards and enable customers to switch from one provider to another without locking them into their solution."

"#FairSoftware Principle 5: Freedom from Retaliation for #Cloud Choices. #Software vendors should not penalize customers who choose to use those vendors’ #software on other providers’ #cloud offerings.
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